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When it comes to Orthopedic Specialists and Sports Medicine in the Orange County and Southern California area; you want better results than you get with a Chiropractor; our Orthopedic Surgeons have extensive knowledge and experience.

Who is the head Specialists at Orange County Orthopedics and Sports Medicine?

Dr. Shail Vyas is a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and arthroscopic procedures.

Our head Orthopedic Specialists, Dr. Shail Vyas, has been providing Sports Medicine services to the Orange County and Southern California area for years. Unlike a Chiropractor, he can help with long term care of any bone in your body.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is a science that allows your Orange County Orthopedic Specialist to perform constant maintenance on your sports injuries. This is superior to working with a Chiropractor, providing three major goals regarding your sports medicine treatment:

Manage: We can manage your injuries by creating safe exercise programs and necessary visits to heal the wound properly and decrease the pain, which is more effective than Chiropractor treatments. Sports Medicine will help you maintain your recovery and teach you what to avoid. Multiple sports injuries require special recovery programs and knowledge of Orthopedics. Orange County and Southern California weather can present special challenges to recovery as well.

Treat: The Orthopedic Surgeon will create the proper treatment regimen for your sports related injuries and provide other care such as medicine and injections. Our Orthopedic Specialists work hard to ensure you recover quickly and safely, providing superior long-term results that you can't get from a Chiropractor.

Prevent: When the Orange County Orthopedic Specialist notices a pattern in your injuries, they can use Sports Medicine knowledge to advise you on preventing future injuries. They may also recommend a brace or cast to prevent further injury, and advise you better on behaviors than a Chiropractor could.

Our Sports Medicine is highly recommended for athletes in Southern California!

How can an Orthopedic Specialist help me better than a Chiropractor?

Most residents of Southern California will see a Chiropractor to deal with back pain, knee pain, or other joint pain. What you want to remember about our licensed professional Orthopedic Specialists is that they can help you with any bone in the human body. This service goes far above and beyond general Chiropractor visits in helping avoid long term pain and damage. Please come to visit our Orange County Orthopedic Specialists for finger pain, hip pain, and any other pains originating from your bones. We work hard to keep Orange County and Southern California families happy, healthy, and free of pain.